Lamb Dressed As Mutton

The Princess of Cambridge recently celebrated her milestone 30th birthday on 9th January. Due to this there has been even more Kate Middleton press coverage as a result. From 'how to' feautures on daytime TV shows in styling your locks a la K-Middy, to double page newspaper articles on dressing like the princess & where to shop to replicate her look...

I think Kate is beautiful, a naturally pretty girl with an amazing figure and gorgeous thick shiny locks. What I fail to understand is the hype surrounding her style of dressing. Her clothes are classic, she certainly ticks that box. But I just don't see the big kudos in wearing a plain Zara wrap around or continually clothes-horsing dull two piece suits. 

I appreciate her relatively new role as Princess would not be suited to low cut tops, leather leggings or 6 inch Louboutins, but considering Kate's age I'm not sure that it is requirement by the Palace to dress like a middle aged politician. 

Quite a controversial post criticising the new nations sweetheart (move over Cheryl Cole) and I appreciate that if she's happy/comfortable with her look then who is anyone to judge? Its is just my personal opinion that I feel the media gushing over her styling is over the top to say the least. She looks nice - but 'nice' is just it. 

I would assume in polling people aged between 21-30 most participants would opt for the wardrobes of Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung or Vanessa Hudgens over Middletons safe style. 

I am also not sure I believe the publicity that thousands of gullible women flock to stores to buy her exact dress/American tan tights/flight attendant court shoes - and if they do, I bet they are much older than the Princess herself. 

If you took Duchess Kate out of the Royal Family and onto any High Street in the country, she would simply just blend in. For me, its only her glossy & well styled locks that separate her from the ranks of middle aged women wearing mum-dresses.

I was going to be really cutting & sarcastically suggest that for her birthday Will's bought her the Bon Marche gift vouchers she'd asked for - but I won't.

Is she a style icon? No. Is she in the public eye so people are going to obsess with what she's wearing, whatever she's wearing? Yes. 

Am I ever going to be appointed Dame after this post? No, I doubt it...

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  1. This is SO true, I have never understood why when she wears an average dress websites crash as everyone rushes to buy it! And the Bon Marche bit made me giggle!
    Well said!

  2. Great post Jenifer,
    not crazy about her style either, find it actually really aging, reminds me bit of Camilla...haha, but I guess, she enjoys being compared to Princess Diana...

  3. lol bon marche - that cracked me up x

  4. I agree with you, I´d rather go with Alexa or Olivia´s style!


  5. I think sometimes Kate kinda looks like a granny in her outfits, but i still think shes sweet. Ive just taken a look through your blog, i love how its so versatile.
    Im a new follower :)
    Check out if you like
    xxx keep up the good work !

  6. I think Kate has a sweet look, but I wouldn't necessarily call it "style icon" stuff...

    Love your blog


  7. I totally agree i don't understand the hype around her outfits !
    I think she feels pressured to portray a good wholesome image.
    I think give a few years and for the media to die down and she might start dressing a bit more her age.
    That bon marche comment made me giggle :)

  8. i'm not too keen on her fashion sense either!
    and linzi shoes are great aren't they :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  9. Oh my god THANKYOU!

    Finally someone who speaks sense!
    I honestly find her style uninspired and 'safe'
    and I absolutely cant stand when royal-ophiles suggest people who are critical of her style are somehow jealous,
    umm sorry no we're not, we just recognise how boring her style is!


  10. i kind of have a mixed opinions on her dress sense. her day time style really isn't my thing but i really love what she wears when she's dressed up in ball gowns and whatnot :) i think that's when i'd consider her a 'style icon' :)


  11. Do you know what? I totally agree! Beautiful blog, I love it! I'm now following :) would mean a lot if you could check out mine! Feel free to enter my free MAC cosmetics giveaway!

    Laura x

  12. I think everyone goes nuts because she's a royal who's young and not as frumpy as others. I'm sure there's a dress code (yawn right) the pippa thing confuses me more if I'm honest!
    Loving the blog, I'm a new follower!


  13. I have to disagree with most of you here and have to say that I quite like Kate's style. So what if it's boring or safe (or whether I'm showing my age here!!!) but she looks classy. She was born with lots of luxuries around her (i.e. she went to private school!!) so this is kind of "uniform".

    Saying that, my style is K-Mid meets Alexa Cheung. And I like it (along with Red Magazine!!)

    Oh and by the way, that Bon Marche line made me laugh!!!