January Detox

Like every start to every new year since the age of 15, I've decided once again to kick off 2012 with the mantra of get fit or die trying. Not sure whats going to make 2012 more successful in fulfilling this goal than the previous 12 year attempts, but I'll give it another go neither the less...

It became obvious to me yesterday that I was not alone with this resolution. The Game store on London's Oxford Street had complete sold out of XBox Kinect game title 'Your Shape - Fitness Evolved' which I had intended to buy after successfully loosing quite a bit of weight last spring using EA Active 2

I gave up on it whilst moving house as I had to unexpectedly wait 6 weeks before taking delivery of my fancy new cooker. I ended up gorging on take aways & eating out most nights having the perfect excuse, so inevitably piled the weight back on. Disheartened that all my hard work was undone I'd just not felt encouraged to switch it on since. ...also in fear of the pending bollocking from my virtual personal trainer which is long overdue.

Whilst shopping I also witnessed fellow resolution-ers leaving sport shops clutching yoga matts, squabbling over the Dri-Fit sale in Nike Town & noted significantly more rotund newbie joggers on my daily stroll with the dog in Victoria Park.

I already own a gym membership, which to be frank burning £40 a month would have the same effect as the current housing of the pass in my purse with my chubby face on. 

Nothing beats the euphoric feeling after a 2 hour gym work out, but it's getting my lazy bum down there in the first place thats the problem.

Watching shows like TOWIE & Desperate Scousewifes also doesn't help my cause. The gym scenes show the cast looking effortlessly glam, in contrast to my upchucked pineapple hairdo & make-up free, bright red face panting on the treadmill after only managing 1k at a moderate pace.
- Plus you'll always bump into someone you know in the gym whilst in said state. Sod's law I think they call it.  

I'm also the neglectful owner of a variety of home-weights in all shapes & sizes, resistance bands, gym balls, Paul McKenna CDs, Easy Tone trainers (which despite the cost my feet are yet to venture into.)

Slimming aids like KLB6 tablets, Slim Fasts, Hermestetas & mountains of that awfully undrinkable Green Tea which I bought from China Town in Soho during one of my previous short lived health kicks ...not too mention the purchase of the annual fitness DVD.

The 'My Fitness Pal' app on the iPhone is a welcomed FREE tool which makes recording your food diary & daily calorie intake a pain free task. There's no complicated maths involved, nor the necessity to rummage through the bin to retrieve discarded packaging to determine your last meals calorie content.

Daily recommended calorie intake for females aged between 19-59 is 1940. and most food & drinks brands & their Kcals are listed in the app's handy little database. You can also add friends - like a basic social network for slimmers in which you can use the app to spur each other on. 

My Fitness Pal even updates a daily progress 'status' for you, according to how well you are completing your diary, mentioning any weight lost.

Despite Christmas now being a past distant memory, I still have an overspilling cupboard full of unhealthy treats - an unwelcome temptation which is constantly beaconing me in. I'm also not sure I have the will power to choose brown rice & oily fish over steak & chips when out in a restaurant. Turning down a calorific McDonalds breakfast is also unheard of here. I certainty won't be replacing my white wine tipple with tasteless tonic on nights out either - But - for the 11th January running, I'm going to commit to getting fit!

...And as for my current status on the 'My Fitness Pal' app?

"Jenifer has not logged in for a few months - she may need some encouragement"

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  1. I love what your My Fitness App has to say about you. It's great when technology can even make you feel guilty. It's only this week that I have actually tried to be healthier, and not had a half arsed attitude like the rest of the month. So it looks like my January health kick is in fact a February health kick :D