I Shop In Peace!

Shopping is my favourite this to do in the world. Getting collared by commission based sales assistants every 3 minutes is my least favourite thing and unfortunately the two go hand in hand.

I ideally live 20 minutes away from the new Westfields Stratford City shopping centre - supposedly the largest in Eurpore. Due to it's accessibility I'm finding myself there at least twice a month. Next to the Olympic site, it has the perfect mix of bargain basement stores (Primark, Forever 21), a great selection of middle of the road high street shops (Topshop, River Island) & high end designer brands (Mulberry, Breitling) all under one roof so you are guaranteed to always leave clutching a bag - in my case, usually Primark ! 

You may also leave with more than you bargained for after being heckled over to some counter to try on some hideous feet shaped running trainers. You go home smelling of Arabic perfume oils which have been sprayed at you, have half a head of curled hair thanks to the pushy sales assistant on one of the electrical hair product stands. Not forgetting your bright red eyebrows from having them threaded in the middle of the complex in view of 5,000 other shoppers. 

Don't think you're able to pass the MAC counter without having a make over (the top) by the friendly but assertive clown faced 'beauty expert'. Leave Game without Pre-ordering the latest release for a Xbox console which you don't even own. Buy a 10 year warranty for a £20 electrical item and of course go home £30 a month worse off because you've agreed to sign your life away to some panda in Africa due to some sob story a soapy looking dreadlocked chugger (charity-mugger) gave you.... & you only popped out for a new bag !

I'd never intentionally ignore someone I don't know who is being friendly and attempting to make conversation with me - even if I know it's only because they are trying to sell me something. This results in me being the perfect candidate to sit there listening to sales spiel. In my head I'm screaming 'leave me aloneeee!" but my stupid face is stood there smiling, nodding with false interest and agreeing to guinea pig their product. 

However, I could learn a few lessons from my Mum who has the best 'avoid-a-sales-persons' radar, she can spot them a mile off. We'll be casually walking down the High Street and she'll suddenly turn her head 90 degrees to face me and pretend to be in deep discussion about something I haven't got a clue about ...

"Aunty Linda is coming to stay next month and we're going to need to take her to Covent Garden". 

I'm pretty sure my confused face gives the game away, but we've somehow just successfully passed the sales person without entering into conversation with them!

Lack of eye contact and my bemused face obviously works.

I wouldn't mind but I don't even have an Aunty Linda!

Ironically, have you ever tried finding a sales assistant in a shoe shop when you actually WANT one? You really want to try on these shoes in a six, but there's no one around except the disinterested security guard & some tumbleweed. All the retail staff have disappeared!

Although of course they magically reappear at the till trying to flog you spare laces ...for the slip on shoes you just bought.

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  1. Haha funny post! The chugger bit made me laugh xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. Great post! I'm a sucker for getting talked into charity. I paid $20 a month to oxfam for a year then I cancelled I think my deed was done for a little while anyway!

  3. haha i always say that when ever you need a sales assistant theyre never around but when your just hoping to shop in peace theyre everywhere!!! argh! xx


  4. So funny - our local shopping centre is littered with the same kinda stalls, so frustrating! I try not to be rude, just plead poverty as if they think you have no money they soon stop talking!x

  5. Haha my exact feelings! My main trick for avoiding the charity workers on the street is start walking fast and say I'm late for my train/bus! Xx

  6. haha, hilarious and what a great post + lovely blog.
    I'm your new follower. hope you follow back :)


  7. Love the old deep in convo trick - Works for everything ;-)

    H x

  8. haha. i couldn't have said it better myself.

    just found your blog through Candypop and thought i'd check it out. love what you're doing.

    if you have a minute, please stop by my blog, enter my Clarisonic giveaway, comment, subscribe...


  9. Oh I hate walking salespeople, I use to try and be nice an polite but now I just keep walking.

  10. Love your blog!Now following! xoxo

  11. Haha love this post, so funny! Love Westfield too it's just amazing. x

  12. haha i'm planning on hitting westfield for the first time this week thanks for the heads up! :)


  13. love this post, its so true! the worst is when they follow you round the shop "you ok there?", "is there anything particular you are are after?" .... makes me just want to leave!

    also love this blog been following it for ages and finally been brave enough to make my own :)
    laura xo

  14. Haha I feel your pain! It's even worse when sales assistants stop you outside in the rain. :(

  15. i have awarded you for an award:) check it out!


  16. Hehe my mom does the exact same thing to avoid sales people!

    Lovely blog :) I am a new follower

    Stacie xo
    Curious Damsel

  17. I've only been to White City Westfield before, I really wanna go to the new one!

    Enter my giveaway?

  18. Ah im so jealous of how close you live to Westfields, I'd be totally broke if I lived closer though I think ha! Love your blog :-) xxxx


  19. Brilliant post! I have awarded you the versatile blogger award but I think BeautyGeek may also have done the same! :)

  20. This made me giggle, so true especially in the shoe shop!

    p.s now following you sweetie! x

  21. I smiled, chucked, and laughed during this post. So entertaining. I totally agree with everything you are saying. I cannot recall how many times I have walked away feeling guilty because I got the line "you do not want to help a poor starving child for just £3 a month" gutting :-( I may try the Auntie Linda line in future!


  22. Wow I have only just found your blog... where have I been! I love your writing style, very informative, humorous and unique. This post really caught my eye, as I hate being harassed when I'm shopping. I normally go for the nose in the air, and a look that signifies... don't talk to me I bite! So really I'm just scaring away shop assistants and charity workers :D


  23. I was at the same Westfield shopping Mall 3 weekends ago. OOMMGGG That place is HUUGGEEEEE.
    I'm from Portugal, and over there we at a Shopping Mall called Dolce Vita, which I think it used to be the biggest in Europe, but I guess Westfield took the crown!