How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

I've always grown up with dogs. My first being a placid mongrel called Snowy who went to doggy heaven at the ripe old age of 16, followed by Spike, a wheaten Cairn Terrier a little more hot natured than the dog before him. My Parents now have Ruby Tuesday, a Parsons Jack Russell named after a song by The Rolling Stones.

I'd flown the nest when I was around 21, turning up at my boyfriend Jamie's flat after a silly row with my Mum & according to him - haven't been home since! 

Things moved fast & we quickly became proud parents to a Chinchilla we named Perserphone (pronounced Per-seff-any - meaning queen of the underworld) Around a 18 months later welcomed JubJub the Bearded Dragon after popping into the pet shop & unexpectedly leaving £300 worse off with a reptile & vivarium...

After moving into our permeant address, with my now fiance realising he wasn't going anywhere - at for at least the immediate future anyway - we discussed the idea of buying our first dog. Jamie being your typical alpha male with a penchant for Japanese culture suggested an Akita Husky, then proceeded to conjure up suitable butch names for our proposed new pet. 

I had other ideas. I'd had my heart set on purchasing a Chihuahua, the recorded smallest dog in the world. Jamie of course refused point blank, concluding that a 6"4 bloke cannot be seen in public walking a 7lb dog & calling out 'Cupcake Luna-Moon' (my ridiculously pretentious initial name choice). Not to mention the ludicrous price tag of upwards £1,000. He also quoted the common perception that they are yappy little things suffering with 'small person syndrome' and have a go at anything that is bigger than them - which is most things. 

Unfortunately for Jamie I am a persuasive only child who's had 25 years experience in getting my own way.

A friend of a friend was selling a litter of Chi's & I'd arranged to go & pick up a blonde pub, dragging Jamie begrudgingly with me. The dog looked how I'd imagined; small & cute but was continually yapping at us like mad, reminiscent of a bout of bad tinnitus. Jamie gave me a pompous smug look which said 'I told you so.'

The breeder had 11 Chihuahua's in total. All yapping for attention & all displaying that 'pretty/ugly' bug eyed, tongue out, dome headed look. Then out of no where this chocolate coloured dog came wandering up to Jamie. It wasn't yapping nor begging for attention, just being really laid back & cool...if dogs could talk I reckon at that moment he would have casually nodded & said 'you alright'. It was a welcomed surprised amongst the chaos but I'd had my heart set on a blonde one? I've never even heard of, let alone seen a chocolate chihuahua before? I also wanted a girl & this little one was definitely a boy! 

'Oh thats Mi Amo Dooley' said the breeder, 'he's had 4 owners but they keep bringing him back after using him to stud out. He's 3 now though, so he's not a puppy' she explained in a dismissive manner like we were bound to not to be interested because of his age. Its fair to say we didn't choose him, he picked us. That was it, the deal was done & Mi Amo Dooley - who we immediately renamed Loki (Norse god of Mischief) - was on his way with his new owners to Pets At Home to be spoilt rotten. 

On receiving the paperwork a few weeks later it turned out Loki is a 5 generation Kennel Club pedigree. A rare chocolate smooth coat. His parents are American imports and he's quite the sort after little dog, as we have since discovered with the constant requests by passing strangers to stud him out. Even being chased by a lady in her pyjamas from the local pound shop trying to negotiate a deal. Now I know I shouldn't judge, but if the lady can't even be bothered to get dressed in the mornings I dread to think what type of homes she'd allow the pups to go to. We politely turned her down. 

A breed which is usually seen under the arm as an accessory to bimbo celebs like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the TOWIE mob unfortunately results in Battersea Dogs & Cats Home seeing a rise in these 'fashion accessory' smaller dogs being dumped. 

Some having developed physical problems from being carried in handbags or being constantly held & are unable to walk simply because they've never had to. The dogs also get dumped when naive owners realise food costs money & veterinary bills aren't cheap (Loki's recent anaesthetic and tooth extractions cost £700!) Just like a child with a new toy, irresponsible pet owners have eventually got bored. You can read more in this article.

In general, I'm quite hard nosed & blase about what goes on in the world, but I am much more empathetic when it comes to animals & their welfare, as is Jamie. We'd worry that the pups wouldn't go to good homes or that they'd be used as lucrative commodities for breeding by greedy narcissistic people. What if the dogs end up unwanted after they've reproduced - just like Loki was - and we couldn't be responsible for that. 

Whilst admittedly I am a sucker for a cute outfit & I'd much rather go into a pet boutique than a shoe shop for myself now, I am fully aware that Loki is a dog. All he is interested in doing is digging holes in the garden & chase squirrels. He's the coolest, most laid back little dude & it feel's like he's been a part of our family forever. As consequence no doubt from the various homes he's had in his 3 short year life, he also seems contented with being centre of attention & spoilt rotten.

As for Jamie, he refuses to admit Loki is a chihuahua, apparently he is just 'Loki.'
They are the best of friends & the minute Jamie walks through the door I don't get a look in from the pair of them. Loki sleeps in his arms, receives constant cuddles & Jamie even clears up after him ... Ironically all the things my fiance used to do for me! 

He may not be the Japanese Akita, but he is most definitely Jamie's little boy.

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  1. aww such cute photos!
    laur x

  2. I normally don't like this breed, but Loki is the cutest thing I've ever seen! x

  3. How cute is your dog! My doggy is a jackchi hes too cute I love him soooo much! Great blog by the way!

  4. This is a great post! I rescued a long haired white and tan chihuahua 14yrs ago and I couldn't love anything more(he recently passed away but he was the best dog).Then almost 5 years ago my husband rescued a neglected and abused chihuahua min pin and she is the sweetest dog ever.Then for Christmas my husband gave me a Blue chihuahua puppy that he also got from a bad situation. I have seen people selling blue chihuahua puppies from $700-$10,000 and we saved this little boys life and he was free.

    Off my animal rescue bandwagon hehe my husband is 6'5 and 230lbs and you should see him walking 2 2 and 5lb chihuahua's pink diamond harness and leashes for her and grey studs for him hehe. He even takes them to the petstore to pick our their treats but he gets a lot of attention from the ladies with those little dogs hehe

  5. Such a good post! My current dog was a puppy when we got him as I didn't think people would ever rehome pugs or boston terrier's which we wanted. Since then and I have discovered it is as big a problem in all breeds even expensive ones. I'm not saying I would never have a puppy again but I will definitley choose an older dog who needs a home for my next one! x

  6. Aww all tooo cute!! I am a huge animal lover, I have 2 chinchillas (regularly featured on my blog) a guinea pig, 2 dogs and a cat. Love the post! New follower xx

  7. Ooooh your dog is so cute! I love your blog, I'll follow you ;-) xx

  8. Hi!!

    I absolutely love this post. I'm besotted with my chihuahua, Bo, but she's definitely a daddy's girl. XX