Amy Zerner At Liberty

Renown for its quality & luxury goods, founded in 1875 Liberty is one of my favourite shops in London.

Named after its first owner Arthur Lesenby Liberty & Housed in a Grade II listed black & white Tudor building constructed from the timber of two wooden ships, It boasts cosy low beams and intimate medieval style interior.

Home to Mulberry, McQueen, Vivienne Westwood & other British labels it's a must visit every time I frequent West London. It's my place of choice to pick up unique Christmas decorations & trinkets - and is surprisingly reasonably priced too.

Liberty is also home to an Eastern influenced haberdashery & fabric department, as well as retailing Art Nouveau style furnishings which is right up my street as a shabby chic interior enthusiast!

In 2011 Liberty even have their own Nike Blazers designed which can't be bought anywhere else in the world.

They were also the only stockists in the UK alongside Harrods where you could purchase San Francsico based cosmetics company, Benefit, in the mid 90's.

Liberty is just off of Argyle street adjacent to the London Palladium. It is not as popular with tourists as the department stores on Oxford Street, thanks to being slightly off of the beaten track. So having a leisurely browse is always a stress free pleasure.

I noticed for the new year, Liberty are stocking these gorgeous little Zodiac pendants by Astrologer and up and coming jewellery designer Amy Zerner.

They're £199 each, which is a little on the pricey side for gold plated brass but as neckwear goes, these hippy pendants offers a form of personalisation to the wearer inspired by spiritual symbolism and birth sign.
Despite being a Virgo, I actually prefer the Sagittarius pendant due to the striking Bow & Arrow etching in the gold vermeil. 

Liberty have also published Zerner's astrological descriptions & predictions for 2012. 
Here's Virgos - interestingly she mentions remodelling  ...could it be referring to my determination to be healthier in 2012 as discussed here?

VIRGO – ENERGY: August 23 through September 22

The shafts of wheat held by the strong young woman represent Virgo’s connection with the Earth; this is key because Virgo is an Earth sign. The element of Earth symbolizes logic, dependability, and a sense of duty to those who are considered valuable and worthy. People born during this time are energetic, reliable and responsible. They have their feet on the ground and possess a practical gift for understanding the material world.

The wheat that Virgo holds is also symbolic of the harvest—they are interested in food, health and service.
Virgo is the astrological sign associated with the myriad details of life. Virgos like to get things done. It is as if they are driven to perform useful acts to the best of their ability at all times, no matter how big or small the task. Virgos are very careful and methodical in everything they do because they value order and neatness. When involved with people or situations that are messy or disorganized, they will probably find themselves irritable and unable to apply themselves to the task at hand in their customarily efficient manner.

2012: It’s up to you, either you can worry less or your worries can become your best worries ever, true works of art, masterpieces of the art of tearing something apart in the hope of fixing it. You may fix it, but it will never be the same. If you’ve been longing to do some remodeling, either on your home or on yourself, this year would be a good time to do so. Pay attention to details.
© Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
You can visit the Liberty Website or visit the store at Regents Street, W1B 5AH. 
Liberty is within walking distance of both Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circus tube stations.

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