Eat Less, Loose Weight, Don't Drink - Die Anyway...

January's looming! Fitness DVDs adorn the shelves of HMV for the millions of people who's New Years resolution will be to get fit in 2012! I'm unfortunately one of these suckers. Every year without fail I pick up the fitness DVD that Heat magazine (Yup, that publication thats renown for its health & fitness stature!) has recommended for having the best benefit, with every good intention of being arsed to rig up the DVD player & actually complete an hour of it a day for the entire can see where this is going... 

One year not too long ago, my purchase of choice was 'Jordans Workout' which in fact had the opposite effect of it's purpose. Set in KPs Barbie workout world, I watched it in its entirety purely for the comedic value of Price declaring she was 'Not too good with this one' whilst desperately trying to keep up & repeatedly asking the trainer - Richard Callender - if they were nearly finished yet. This wasn't even attempted to be edited out - its as though CAN Associates were laughing at the consumer for actually buying into it. The glamour girl didn't even pretend she wanted to be there & had obviously only agreed to the gig for the money. Her disinterest & lack of coordination throughout the routines made great viewing but for all the wrong reasons, & for me, this was originally meant as a serious purchase. 

There's also the annual bombardment of the Z list celeb 'fatties turned thinnies' cons available. Natalie Cassidy being one of many massive lucrative fibs. Natalie's DVD sold well (I bought it) merely on the premise that if this renown ugly duckling (sorry Nat) can become a slim beautiful swan just by following a few of the exercises on her DVD ...then there is hope for us all yet.

Adjectives like 'pretty' & 'slim' weren't words previously associated when describing Cassidy, in fact you're more likely to find the ex-Eastender's image splashed upon an awful outfit segment of a magazine, or as the butt of jokes when describing someone not particularly attractive. Her DVD changed that - if only for a short time.

It is safe to assume six months prior to the DVD shoot trumpet girl was supplied with a personal trainer & dietary consultant courtesy of the production team, and an 'after' shot for the DVD casing which had been airbrushed within an inch of it's life ....& it worked!

Cassidy did lose a ton of weight & became the top selling DVD that year, posing bikini clad in Closer magazine & other weeklies, preaching the benefits of healthy eating & exercise.

...Only to fall off her self congratulatory pedestal with a big thud 3 stone heavier & eight months later in those very same publications, but this time criticising diets & declaring she was happier fat. Natalie explained she was disappointed to have "slipped back into old habits" and even admitted to taking laxatives to aid weight loss & sleeping pills to fight off the hunger pains. Of course by this time, the DVD producers had already sped away counting their reddys - taking their personal trainers & dietary plans with 'em.

Claire Richards of Steps fame is another example of a money making commodity for these production companies. Whilst the celebs also reap the financial rewards from DVD sales, I'm not sure it does much good for the state of their mental health. Claire's constant sobbing & negative body image on her latest reality show aired on Sky's Living portrayed that she was far from okay about her recent weight gain. 

The only celeb DVD which has any credibility is year-round-toned Davina McCall's offerings. At least she maintains her healthy weight & doesn't leave the viewer feeling ripped off.  

So are these DVDs worth it? I don't think so. Whilst I don't doubt the reliability of the workout plans included, I do doubt our ability as a nation to find an hour a day in our hectic lives when the TV's free and there's no distractions to actually put the damn things on. Life simply gets in the way.

We also don't have the luxury of having a personal trainer as support, the financial incentive of a 250k DVD deal, nor do we have pre-cooked healthy meals handed to us 3 times a day by a specialist dietary chef, who also does our food shop for us.  

So, just like the consumerism concocted Santa Claus the December month before, these well schemed money making commodities & their DVDs are marketed with precise timing just after our over indulged Christmases. Released purposefully in coinciding with our annual new year plans to do something about our ever growing waistlines.

& do we fall for it? Of course we do... 

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