Introduction Originally Published Feb 2oo9

Ok here it is – finally – after ummming and ahhhing about publishing a blog. Having always enjoyed the power of the written word & certainly expressing (inflicting!?!) my opinion on anyone who will listen; as well as having the annual ritual of a New Years resolution hanging over me to do something about my desire to put pen to paper (or fingers to laptop!?) I decided to start my blog... 

I suffered the usual apprehension – What if no one reads it? Why would anyone give a monkey's about what I have to say? I'm definitely not one of these fashion arty types & I was never amazing at English in school, I was always too busy monkeying around – in fact, what if the many grammatical errors and typo’s leave people thinking I’m a bit of a wally…just using that word alone would sure affirm those thoughts – and of course, the fact I’ve referenced a monkey twice in one paragraph…

So, after much deliberation (around 37 seconds in fact) I decided rather than blog about the mediocre monotony of my sheer existence and what I’ve had for breakfast each day (Just a strawberry Activia this morning, in case you were wondering), I’ve decided to write about something I’m passionate about; something that even if the blog views are zilch, I’d always enjoy creating and conversing about. They’d be no better subject of course (after Arsenal FC & a hearty plate of Pie & Mash) than the power of Clothes, Shoes, Accessories! Ahhh yes; Togs, Threads, Garms, Attire – whatever you want to call it. I freekin’ love ‘em!  

My heart skips a beat at the mention of the word 'Shopping' – I adore everything about it (except the queue’s!) I live for the weekends to do it, and work flat out all week to earn the money to spend on my expensive hobby without getting myself into ludicrous debt to fund my habit…and whilst I haven’t got a fancy degree in the latter, or any formal qualification in the lovvey world of fashion, I do have experiences & bargain finds to share that have shaped my enthusiasm and fervour for anything apparel!

....even if it's only me & a monkey viewing.

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