… And Welcome To Kitsch N Sync...

Welcome to my new blog! I'd kept one previously, and enjoyed reading the posts of like minded bloggers...but much like the mixing decks & umpteen boxes of late 90's-early 00's vinyl, acrylic nail kits, hair extention glue guns, and the spray tanning machine that I nagged my Mum to buy me during my 'this is what i'm going to do this month' phase, the novelty eventually wore off and now my short-lived hobby is doomed in cyber space forevermore. I hope the lovely followers I met along the way over at Wordpress will continue to view my ramblings on being redirected here!

The first few entires are copied from my previous introduction and offerings published on that blog.

In my older - & ever so slightly wiser - years, I've learned large slabs of text don't make for goof light hearted reading, so I intend to shorten future posts (phew). I've also decided to widen my horizons since leaving the comfort of my parents house, and include my new found enthusiasm of interiors & homely up-cycled wears, as well as include entries on my ever increasing thrify ways. 

Anyway - here's my original entries which hopefully paths the way nicely for my more current musings ...let me know what you think! X

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